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Monday, October 24, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Martha Stewart Magazines "Prop House"

I was recently in New York City and was lucky enough to attend the annual Martha Stewart Party held at the end of Bridal Market weekend. The first thing Nole (my travel pal and NYC tour guide extraordinaire) and I did when we arrived was take a tour of the offices. Here are the photos I snapped of the "prop house." First, a look at the linen selections. Next, all of their cake stands and plates. Third, the entrance to the prop area with assorted items, and finally a cart with items pulled for a March 2012 piece in the upcoming Living magazine.

Considering what an impact this magazine has on my industry, and how it can make or break a wedding professional, the offices didn't seem overwhelming - although very tidy and inspired. The TV studio was in a different building across town. We also got a peek at the photo shoot studios and the test kitchens - however I was too shy to snap a photo there, where Ron Ben-Israel was painting sugar flowers while we looked on with awe.

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  1. OH MY WORD....I would pay money to see this place! I cannot believe you were there! WHERE WAS MY INVITE? ;) jk jk....